Jennie & Girls

LilaJune Skincare creator Jennifer Townsan with her daughters, Lila June and Daisy Anna.

In her own words...

I longed for a rich, non-toxic product that would actually live up to its promises.  I wanted my skin to look and feel better after using it, and last the whole day.

I wanted the glow!

My goal was to create anti-aging products that were packed full of real ingredients, each targeted at repairing, hydrating and regenerating the skin.

In so many skincare products on the market, the main ingredient is water, which means it feels great on application but that feeling soon disappears.

Since I was pregnant with my second daughter when I created the line, a top priority was to have the ingredients be completely clean, without the use of toxic, cheap fillers or carcinogens.

So many times I had been confused by multiple products and serums in a skincare line that all seemed to be for the same thing.  I wanted a line that did everything and more but in fewer steps.

As I always say, life is complicated, but I was certain that our skincare regime doesn’t have to be, and LilaJune Skincare proves it true!

Jennie Townsan, Aesthetician & Creator, LilaJune Skincare

An expert aesthetician trained at the world renowned Champneys International College of Health & Beauty in England, Jennifer Townsan has been restoring faces of every age and skin type for more than 18 years.

Jennie knew firsthand how hard it was for women to find skincare products that were safe and delivered the right results. She struggled herself to find reliable products, and could not in good conscience recommend skincare products to her clients because of harmful or ineffective ingredients.

She was in her late-30s and expecting her second daughter when she noticed her own skin was showing signs of aging. Determined to only put on her face products that were both safe for her skin and safe for her baby, Jennie made the decision to formulate her own skincare line so she could ensure purity and potency.

Jennie set out to research, identify and source the finest, most high quality, pure, natural, organic ingredients that would be soothing for even the most sensitive skin, yet still deliver the most potent moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients to protect, preserve and pamper the skin.

Jennie started producing the LilaJune Skincare line in 2012, and since then she has used it exclusively on her own skin, and for all of her clients at her skincare salon in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Engaging a biochemist in Port Townsend, Washington, LilaJune Skincare products are handcrafted in small batches and delivered fresh and powerful to create real results.

After five years of hearing about the results that her clients experience from using the LilaJune Skincare line, and how much they love the glowing skin it gives them, Jennie decided it was time to spread the glow.

Jennie’s passion is empowering people to feel beautiful inside and out, having an inner glow that matches the glowing skin that comes from the LilaJune Skincare products.